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Exclusive Interview With  “Lo’ Prieto” Artist Luigui Bleand About His Upcoming Album

Dominican-Haitian singer-songwriter, Luigui Bleand reveals that “Lo’ Prieto” will be on the tracklist of his forthcoming album Pandora. Born Luis Alfredo Silverio Esmanier, the multi-talented rapper and producer discusses his upcoming projects and what he intends to achieve with them. He even teases an A-list collaboration with Chris Brown; one of the hottest R&B singer-songwriters in the industry.

It’s a pleasure to have you here today! Your last album was Analogo Season I, released in 2020. Now, you’re preparing to drop a new one after almost 3 years. Can you tell us more about what we should expect from this new record?

This new record comes with a new mainstream color of the Pop industry. In the last three years what we’ve done is study Luigui Bleand’s audience and what kind of music he should emit to his audience. The mainstream industry is one of the best targets that can identify my voice. I’ve decided to use new colors and genres like Pop Funk, Pop Disco, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Trap Disco, Reggae and many more.

Last year, you shared hit singles like “Besame La Boca,” “Lo’ Prieto,” “Mamasita,” No Friends,” and more. Were those separate projects or will they be included in the forthcoming album?

These projects were separated from the album, because it was on the same line of music that I was creating for the brand and with artists that manage the same style. Except for the single  “Lo’ Prieto” that’s going to be in the new album called Pandora. “Lo’ Prieto” is a new sound, and a new essence of what the mainstream urban world is.

You’ve worked with Musicologo The Libro, Baby Blue, Rafreestyle, and many other artists during the last couple of years. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I might be collaborating with Chris Brown, very soon. I have a new song with an artist from the industry that has seen growth, called La Perversa. She has escalated the ranking very fast. She recorded music with Alfa, Farruko, and others.

Will the genre of the new album be the same as your previous releases? Are there any other styles you would like to experiment with on the anticipated record?

Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing in this new album. I’ve been entering the Pop mainstream, I might be the first Hispanic vocal artist to experiment with this within a more profound level, connecting with it in a professional way. This album is a Pandora cage as its name suggests.

“Lo’ Prieto” has become one of the most viewed and streamed songs from your repertoire! To what do you attribute this success? Would you like to share more details about the track?

The track is still streaming and it’s going to be on for a while. It’s because of the connection between the culture, the isle and the Caribbean. That might be the “recipe” for the results of this song: the cultural connection of the Dominican Republic.

In addition to being a successful singer-songwriter and producer, you also run your own record label Bleand Style Recordings. How did you decide to take that initiative? And do you actively participate in signing new artists?

No, I don’t sign new artists. Destiny brought me to be the owner of a record label (laughs). The principal idea and objective was to be an artist and musician, but when I got more and more involved in music industry and technology I started the record label company and it got me through being one of the most important record labels of the island. The interest was to create a global protection of the brand Luigui Bleand.

You’re from the Carribeans. How have your Haitian and Dominican roots influenced your sound?

Haitian, African and black music has a big influence in my creations. The Afro Pop rhythms that I have been introducing in the genre of Reggaeton and in others has influenced me to create this new album and all my musical trajectory.

Is it true that a new documentary about your journey as an artist will soon be streamed on Netflix? What will be the main focus of the film? Can you tell us more about it?

We have two projects, the first one is a musical TV show, and the second one a documentary, which will focus on how I became one of the most prominent executives in the discographic industry and how I managed to start a company, grow, and become a label owner.

Watch the official music video for “Lo’ Prieto” on YouTube:

Listen to “Lo’ Prieto” here:

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