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Mira Sthira Drops A New EDM Version Of “Let The Armor Go”

Following “Weird Girl” and “Snow Cave,” Mira Sthira shared the indie dance-pop single “Let The Armor Go.” The versatile artist now returns with an EDM version of the track that takes the original to a whole new level.

“Let The Armor Go” is about self-reflection and healing. Sthira rediscovers herself singing, “I dive into the mirror/ I wanted to see clearer/ Kicking down deeper in the water below/ Through my own reflection I had a recollection/ It’s time to cleanse my heart and let the armor go.”

“The ideas within this song and a video alongside this song came to me in a dream,” admits Mira Sthira, who says, “I like to write creative, sometimes deep, sometimes dark, sometimes light, and sometimes quirky indie pop tunes! I value authenticity and freedom in my art.”

In tracks like “Let The Armor Go,” Sthira makes sure to convey messages of responsibility and accountability, especially focusing on protecting the Earth and human nature. She understands the healing power of Mother Nature and tries to communicate that with her music.

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Watch the video for “Let The Armor Go” here:

Listen to “Let The Armor Go” on Spotify:

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