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Buamz Drop A Fairy-Tale Dance Track Titled “Nervous”

Bavarian Electronic Dance Group, Buamz, invite everyone to join their journey with a new romantic track called “Nervous.” The single follows “You Know That,” “Du & Ich,” “Babsi,” “Fuego,” “Idiot,” and “I need your love.”

In “Nervous,” the German duo reenacts the love-dovey feelings one gets when meeting someone they have a crush on, “Baby you make me nervous/ You do that on purpose/ And easy in your silence/ Still feels like sirens/ I can reach and touch you/ But I’m afraid that I might love you/ Neither one excited, so I′ll try to forget.

With heartfelt lyrics like “You’ve got the most beautiful diamond eyes/ I’ve ever seen in my whole life/ The skyline is jealous/ I′m looking at you how you shine,” Buamz give audiences a taste of that old-fashioned love, everyone longs to have in their lives.

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Listen to “Nervous” here:

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