Kevin Kazi Drops Stunning New Album SOLAR SYMBOL
Kevin Kazi Drops Stunning New Album SOLAR SYMBOL
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Kevin Kazi Drops Stunning New Album SOLAR SYMBOL

Powerful hip-hop artist Kevin Kazi recently dropped his third album to date titled SOLAR SYMBOL. An emcee with the most diverse influences in the scene, Kazi is on top of his game, sharing nine tracks that span a little over 20 minutes. The only collab on the album is “ACTIVE”, the epic hit featuring Matt Ox that feels so raw and at times even ominous – it will have the listeners coming back for more! 

The title track “SOLAR SYMBOL” is another powerhouse of the rapper’s talent, as he delivers some stunning verses and sharp lyricism. The song immediately conjures up otherworldly images while keeping the listeners grounded in reality, “I left the Earth behind the sky/ I never thought aliens would look like you and I/ I got your messagе drifting by the satellite/ I got your signal, I’m your symbol for tonight.”

Truly versatile, Kevin Kazi is a shapeshifter, bringing to his fans melodies, feelings, and thoughts that stem from the heart and feel authentic. There is no denying that this Atlanta-based artist knows how to captivate his audience. SOLAR SYMBOL, of course, demonstrates the fully blossomed talent of its maker, and we cannot wait to hear more from Kevin Kazi. 

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