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“Rockstar” & “Stand Down” Artist MSB Boog Takes Solace In Music

Pensacola-based rapper and songwriter MSB Boog had a nice chat with us about his new releases, upcoming plans, and how music saved his life!

After the success of “Rockstar,” you now released the equally powerful track “Stand Down” and its music video. First of all, congratulations! Why did you decide to release these two music videos back-to-back?

I chose to release two singles back to back cause I have over 40+ unreleased songs in my vault. I just wanted to give the world a sneak peak of how I’m coming all 2023.

Who are the top 3 artists you’d like to collaborate with and why?

My top three artists are Kodak black, Rick Ross, and Drake. I watch ‘em from the beginning to perfecting their craft.

Are you more of a recording artist, a performer, or both?

I’m both because everything I rap about I either lived that or saw it.

Where were you born and raised, and what led you to become the man and artist you are today? Please tell us more about your personal journey both in and outside music. 

I spent half of my life in New Orleans on the west bank and the rest in Pensacola, FL. What led me to become an artist was the thought and possibility that I could break a generational curse of poverty. I’ve been through almost the same things a real street dude goes through from being locked up to losing it all and running it back up. I’m destined to build this foundation to the point it won’t ever break.

You have recently signed with EQ/RocNation with a distribution deal. What do you expect for this new collaboration? What’s next for MSB Boog?

I’m expecting me to handle my business from a more business-like level and continue going hard and never lose sight of the purpose.

Listen to “Stand Down” on Spotify:

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