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Cher Reveals How The Relationship With Her Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Started

Cher is devoted to her new partner. On November 23, Cher, 76, posted a picture of her boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards relaxing in just his underpants on Twitter with the message, “A.E.Hanging Ot.” Edwards, according to People, is 36 years old.

One admirer, who identified themselves as being in their 30s, commented on the sizzling picture and asked Cher how they could get their crush, who is younger than them, to notice them.

Cher said, “He’s 36 & In End He Came after me,Till we met in the middle.He’s Consistent one ,I’m The Skittish one. We love each other…. LADIES NEVER GIVE UP.”

Cher kept on, “Neither One Wanted2 Make LONG✈️. TRIP 2 Paris & Then PARIS WAS MAGIC,NEBI WANTED 2 C A.EGrill, Must say he was different 4 Me.”

In a different tweet, Cher added the phrases “We’re Happy” and “We’re Grown ups.”

But when a different admirer inquired about what she admired most in Edwards, the “Believe” singer responded, “He’s Kind ,Smart, Hilarious… & We 👄Like Teenagers.”

When Cher was seen holding hands with the music entrepreneur in Los Angeles on November 2, suspicions that the two were dating began to circulate. A few days later, on Nov. 6, Cher published a photo of Edwards on her Twitter account and added a red-heart emoji to the text, clearly confirming that she was dating the rapper.

Cher and Edwards’ reps were contacted at the time by TODAY for comment, but they didn’t respond. Edwards, who has a kid with Amber Rose, has already met Cher’s family, according to a tweet from Cher.

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