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Golden Is Ready To Fight With Debut Single “Burning Alive”

German Singer-songwriter and producer, Matteo Schwanengel, professionally known as Golden makes an impressive debut with “Burning Alive.” The self-reflective track captures the audience with its captivating melodies and compelling vocals, giving the newcomer a strong start to his musical career.

Golden says that the genre of “Burning Alive” “sets itself somewhere between Imagine Dragons, Lil Peep and Billie Eilish.” The up-and-coming artist showcases his songwriting skills with lyrics that people can relate to, “You’re lettin’ me choose watching me do/ Catching up on anything, blowing my fuse/ See me ablaze, acting in haste/ If that is what you’re hoping for, I’ll see you in hell/ Burning alive or set another fire, fire/ Ready to fight, but I wake up tired, tired.”

Collaborating with renowned names like Genetikk and American producer Mike Dean, who has worked with artists like The Weeknd and Beyoncé, Golden is able to reveal his full potential. The young talent shows off his vocal skills as well his lyricism and musicality. 

In “Burning Alive,” Golden sings about his inner struggles. It seems he is at a crossroads, not knowing if he can hold out against the fire.  But no matter how hard, the artist promises not to let anybody down.

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