Kendrick Lamar Drops “Rich Spirit” Music Video
Kendrick Lamar Drops “Rich Spirit” Music Video
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Kendrick Lamar Drops “Rich Spirit” Music Video

Loneliness state of mind with Lamar’s “Rich Spirit” music video! The clip, directed by Calmatic, is so focused on the solitude aspect of life, depicting the artist all alone in various settings as the beat drops and the seemingly chill music tugs the innermost strings of your heart.

“The video opens with Lamar in an all-red outfit amid an opulent bedroom,” American Songwriter said. “The rapper—who frequently includes religious motifs in his videos—then kneels down to pray on the edge of his bed. He raps in one verse, The morality can wait / Feedback on low latency / I’m glitching from the face as my thoughts grow sacredly / I’m runnin’ out of space, ask Whitney, she okay. The video ends with Lamar receiving a call on the phone. The beat cuts out and Lamar stares at the ringing landline until the video fades to black.”

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