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Ye on Creating the Newest YZY Campaign ft. Nick Knight, and Candice Swanepoel 

Ye’s most up to date shades have the rapper and fashioner’s girl’s official endorsement.“I put these glasses on Chicago last night and she was like, ‘These are my glasses now’; she didn’t want to take them off,” says Ye, speaking over the phone. It seems to mean a lot to him that she appreciates the YZY SHDZ. “She was able to throw the shades in the air and they fell on the ground, and I wasn’t running like, ‘You’re going to break the prototype!’”

The style has been getting out and about via web-based entertainment — and were prominently worn by Kim Kardashian and North West. Ye planned them with inventive association from Balenciaga’s correspondingly mononymous fashioner Demna.

“Both Virgil [Abloh] and Demna worked on Yeezy season one, and now with losing Virgil, I wasn’t able to work with him when he was at Louis Vuitton, so that’s why I think it’s so important that me and Demna still get to work together,” he says. “We collectively present new ideas for our species, you know?” 

“Both Virgil [Abloh] and Demna chipped away at Yeezy season one, and presently with losing Virgil, I couldn’t work with him when he was at Louis Vuitton, so that is the reason I believe I and Demna genuinely must in any case get to cooperate,” he says. “We by and large present novel thoughts for our species, you know?”

“I can send them out to any modeling agency now and be employed for the top of my head only,” Knight says. Since the two have worked together on many projects, including the short film Jesus Is King, music video “24,” and the YZY SPLY website, Knight and Ye have built a rapport. “Unlike virtually any other person I’ve worked with, he very much wants to make sure he sees what he wants to see. Not in a nasty way at all; it’s very inspiring to work with someone who cares that much about how the imagery should work,” Knight says. (For this image, Knight notes they went back and forth to find the perfect shade of gray-blue.) Ye had wanted to work with Swanepoel since spotting her at a party 12 years ago, and Knight describes her as “one of those models who just wants to get a great image and will work to do so.” The feeling is mutual, as Swanepoel says, “The vision for the shoot was so clear but also allowed for me to contribute my perspective on it. Moreover, it was exciting being a part of something I knew would instantly become iconic.”

The shades can make anybody — be it Lil Uzi Vert or Lisa Rinna — seem as though they’ve arrived from the year 3022. However, ye himself seems to have blended sentiments about the term cutting edge. “Saying something is later on takes out the responsibility of it expecting to exist in our world, and the way that it’s 2022 and we don’t have the future we assumed we planned to have,” he says. “Certain things are more cutting edge, and a great deal of things are less modern than we naturally suspected we would have. Clearly, I’ve been characterized as a futurist. I’ll put it like this, it will rhyme, being verse: Since we’ve been characterized as futurists, we will characterize what’s in store is going.”

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