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Yael Danon Fends Off Maltreaters With New Break-up Song “Don’t Miss You At All”

Panamanian-Israeli pop star Yael Danon shows off her sassy side with latest single “Don’t Miss You At All.” The 16-year-old co-wrote and composed the song with Matluck and Tal Metzler, which came out on September 14, 2022.  

The trilingual singer and songwriter says the concept was born from the idea of “being so done with a situation.” Danon further explains, “Whether it’s a person you cared about, or simply leaving home and not missing it at all. The song is about realizing you have been wasting your time caring about someone or something that is simply NOT. WORTH. IT. It’s about growth and about knowing how you want to be treated and who you’re willing to surround yourself with.”

The upbeat sonics are complemented with Danon’s unabashed lyrics. The young talent sets up the theme with the first verse, “Lately it’s like I can’t remember/ Anything from our time together/ I guess when you find something better/ It’s like you were never there at all.” She later concludes with, ”Or the neverending calls/ Or the pointless conversations/ Oh, the list goes on for pages/ You should know it’s not your fault/ That I don’t miss you at all.” 

Born and raised in Panama,  Yael Danon started writing when she was only eight years old. At the age of 13, she won Israel’s Got Talent Youth edition. Inspired by her own real life experiences, the debut EP Diary Girl, released during the summer, is about toxic relationships, anxiety, fear of missing out, and messy breakups.  Danon dropped “Don’t Miss You At All” following the release of her successful singles “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) and “Teddy Bears.”

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