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Madi Leeds’ New Single “0-100” Oscillates Between Melancholia and Euphoria

There’s no in between with Madi Leeds’ “0-100,” you either love it or adore it! The indie-pop artist takes the listeners on a nostalgic trip, adding a nuance of vulnerability and strength at the same time.

 “0-100” is a flawless merge of melancholic acoustic guitar sounds with dynamic drum beats. Produced by Hamish Patrick, the lyrics reflect feelings of self-doubt and thoughts of not being good enough: “Throw myself under but I’ll build you up/ Everyone’s important And I’m never enough/ Time and place for healing/ But I’ll just keep on spiralling out/ Stop talking, let thoughts in, be alright for once/ This loneliness Keeps taking up the space in my head/ This emptiness/ I guess I’m always just a little too loud/ A little off beat/ A little zoned out.”

The single is accompanied by a lyric video that takes the viewers back to the ‘90s. Shot on a mini-DV camcorder at the Parliament Gardens, the video reveals the retro-futuristic side of Leeds, challenging listeners to peek into a world of witty sarcasm and imagination.

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