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Exclusive Interview With Fast-Rising Hip-Hop Artist Omar LKC

Fast-rising Hip-Hop artist Omar LKC just recently dropped his latest project, the EP titled Too Far Away, home to a sophisticated and meticulously curated collection of five tracks. After launching his career in the game with the debut track “Bitter Observation,” earlier this year, Omar is now giving fans a full picture of the wide range of his capabilities as an urban artist, poet, and performer, who can do it all and beyond. 

Omar LKC chose the title of the project based on representing the truth. The message that what one can see is not reality, that the reality is inside, sometimes painful as one feels “Too Far Away” from people. We had a chance to interview the young artist about his new EP, the artists that have inspired him throughout his life, and more!

Congratulations on the release of your new EP Too Far Away, we loved it!

Thank you

Tell us more about it, what inspired you to record this EP? 

At first, I just wanted to do a short project with a multitude of genres in order to efficiently reach several different audiences. It’s also an idea that I had from XXXTENTACION’s music of which I am an admirer. Indeed, he was one of these rare artists to produce such varied music in his projects. It was also to show my versatility and creativity, while doing a project which the main topic is myself. I’ll tell you more about this in the next question.

What’s the main message conveyed through this new EP?

So, before directly answering, I have to explain something to you : this project represents me and my personality. My different emotions. My character. In order, there is 1 energetic track, 1 chill/dance track, and an interlude followed by 2 “emotional” tracks. The interlude here represents the transition, from my energetic and positive side of the first 2 tracks, of what is visible, to my emotional and inner side, invisible. The interlude signifies the transition, the entry into the depths of my interior.

This project and his title represents the truth, not necessarily mine but of a lot : What you can see is not reality. The reality is inside. The real thing, the truth, is that I’m not necessarily happy. I can look like I’m happy, while I’m, in reality, feeling alone. While feeling “Too Far Away” from people. That’s the message I tried to spread through it.

Please tell us more about two artists who inspired you; XXXTENTACION and Pop Smoke. To which extent did they help you find your own lane in music?

A time came where I started to bump so much, like way harder than before, Pop Smoke and XXXTENTACION music, until it definitely changed me. It was when I decided to learn a little more about their story, their journey before their tragic death, may god bless both or their souls, that I discovered that everything they did before they left, they did it in the space of not even 2 years. Multiple projects, a movie (“Boogie”), tours (“Revenge Tour”), a presence at many great events… It definitely inspired me. To see what can be done in such a short time when you have the will, it really had a strong impact on me. Their story became a great source of motivation for me. When I saw their energy, how hard they loved to work to produce music, that’s when I realized that the instinct that I talk about in the next question could possibly be about producing music.

(They accomplished in 1-2 years of their career what a lot couldn’t do in a lifetime.)

What drove you to become an artist?

So I’ve had this desire for a long time to release something that I’ve worked on a lot in front of an audience. I had this instinct in me, which developed especially during the period when I was making videos on YouTube, when I was releasing videos after hours of editing, recording, etc, to feel this pride and satisfaction. I always felt that I was chasing it, I just didn’t know yet the exact domain where I would dedicate myself fully to doing it.

So basically, as I love that kind of work, when I discovered that the artist’s one totally corresponds to it, I was straight convinced it was what I wanted to do.

I also thought about the fact that since music is a way for me to express myself, that I really had a story and a universe to describe, that I was inspired and that I had a lot of creative and original ideas to put into making music, while being an artist.

How would you define your genre of urban music?

I don’t think I have a genre that fits me at the moment, as my released music is literally a mix of a multitude of genres and subgenres of modern music. No specific genre can define my music for the moment. I’d rather let you discover the multiple genres that define it in the meantime.

What is your favorite song of 2022 so far? 

This is a tough question, because I’ve got so much at the time. But if I had to choose by saying the first one that comes to my mind, I’d say “Another Heartbreak” by Giveon.

What’s next for Omar LKC?

Time will tell you this, so don’t worry about it. Thank you for asking though.

Thank You!

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