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Stephen Sanchez Shares New Version Of Viral Hit ‘Until I Found You’ With Em Beihold

At the point when you figured you were unable to get enough of Stephen Sanchez and his faint commendable vocals, the consistent rising artist/lyricist has chosen to return to his viral hit “Until I Found You” with individual breakout star Em Beihold for a remix out today!

“I was honored Em decided to jump on this song,” Sanchez shared in a statement. “It was so fun working with her and can’t wait to do something else again in the future!”

“When I wrote ‘Until I Found You’ I was in the worst place ever,” Sanchez shared in a past statement. “Then I met someone who was so loving and great to me though. I didn’t feel good enough for this person so I pushed them away. We spent some time apart and when we re-connected it was like no time had passed.”

Growing up, Sanchez was enchanted with the melodic universes of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, The Platters, and The Ink Spot. “At the point when you stand by listening to those old records from the fifties and the sixties, they sound like they’re coming from another aspect,” he says. “The tunes were straightforward, however significant, heartfelt, and wonderful. It started a craving to compose what I was hearing. As far as I might be concerned, songwriting resembles taking a memory and placing it in a projector so that everybody could see.”

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