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Charlie Puth’s ‘Left and Right’ With BTS’ Jungkook Has Arrived

The single isn’t just the American vocalist musician’s most memorable joint effort with a BTS part yet additionally Jungkook’s most memorable melody outside the acclaimed K-pop supergroup.

Not so much as about fourteen days after BTS reported they were getting some margin to zero in on performance projects, Jungkook has set out all alone to collaborate with Charlie Puth for the playful new single “Left and Right,” which showed up first thing Friday (June 24), followed an hour after the fact by a music video.

Left and Right” is a peppy pop number, the music of which is energetic with the singing being fast-paced.

In the short music video, Puth and Jungkook can be seen wearing a range of sporty outfits in colours of green, pink and black. The choreography highlights an interesting bond between friends in a lively setting.

The collaboration was confirmed only last week, with Puth sharing a video on TikTok showing him dialling Jungkook.

Watch the “Left and Right” video below:

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