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Interview: Producer Dungeonmusic Talks New Album, Artist Collab Selection & More

We loved your new album Summertime With Friends 2. How different was working on this new creation in comparison with Summertime With Friends, released in 2019?

I believe I’ve grown and learnt a lot since then. Just knowing what I’m looking for & understanding the process of an idea and then executing it.

Tell us more about the different challenges faced working with several artists? Were some easier to work with than others? If yes, please develop. 

Well I mean naturally we all have different personalities. Some are easier to handle than others In life I feel. But all the artists were cool and I appreciate them for helping me complete my vision.

How do you choose or select the artists you work with?

I choose by talent & if I genuinely like the music, liking the music is a big thing for me.

What is the first thing you notice when listening to a new song and why?

Usually the beat, if the beat gets me then I may listen a little longer. Why, I feel because I’m a musician so naturally I listen to the music a little bit  more.

If there was one advice you could give to debuting artists, what would it be?

Take it seriously. Really work on your craft as much as possible. Stay focused. Stay motivated. Never lose the will to succeed.

In your opinion, how has the field of music production changed and evolved this past decade?

Well I think it’s changed for the better. There’s always new updates inside of these DAW’s & new plug-ins coming out that allow you to level up your game. The technology is much more advanced now than a decade ago, so we have the upper hand if we utilize it the right way.

Any upcoming plans you’d like to share with our audience?

Yes, I’m currently working on my DUNGEONMUSIC brother KENAI project that’ll arrive to all DSP’s before the year is out! I’m very excited about that!

Thank You!

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