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SweetnSour Magazine Announces Milestone: Release of Volume 1 Print Edition

One of the most popular digital magazines out there, SweetnSour announces a huge milestone: the magazine is about to drop a first-ever print edition and it promises to be EPIC! SweetnSour is a platform that has throughout the years proven itself as a trustworthy and fun source of music-related news. The magazine mostly publishes reviews of new music with a particular focus on electronic music as well as interviews, live reports, features, and more.  

With millions of readers globally, SweetnSour is now preparing to launch an unprecedented print edition with a promise for a specific release schedule to follow. The magazine does have quite a strong team of professionals working on various pieces that have over the years brought fame to SweetnSour. The new print copy is set to arrive within the next few weeks with a bunch of interesting articles and in-depth interviews as well as comprehensive reviews of contemporary music festivals and the world of the mysterious NFTs. 

It has been a joy following the quick growth of SweetnSour, with fans of EDM and techno music finding yet another haven to learn more about their favorite genre, artists, discuss industry news, and feel connected as a community. Undoubtedly, the print issue of SweetnSour is going to carry out the same mission with the highest possible quality and leave readers in anticipation for more!

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