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Mabel releases ‘LOL’ – music video out now!

‘AboutLast Night…’ is the staggering new collection from Mabel, out now on Capitol Records. Highlighting euphoric singles ‘Let Them Know’, ‘Best of Luck,’ ‘Overthinking’ and new single “Haha.” Watch the new video for “Haha” presently!

Brought about by Mabel as the world went into lockdown – and finished as life IRL gets pace – ‘About Last Night…’ is a striking and hyperreal venture from the expected starting points to the chaotic finish of the greatest night out that won’t ever be. Each track ships the particulars preparing to go out; feeling powerful; timing an ex; crying in the washroom; staggering home – and changes the ordinariness into the mystical.

Yet again all through, Mabel changes around her easy way with present day pop: impacts length the freed happiness of noughties club-culture (dance-pop, house, translatlantic R&B) with more profound subjects of articulation and consideration as acquired from fanatically re-watching ‘Paris Is Burning’, ‘Posture’ and ‘Race’ during lockdown.

It’s this close to home space that (in the most natural sounding way for Mabel) “resurrected her” – here is a young lady handling her own, extraordinary early stages experiencing childhood in the public eye, and assuming responsibility for her story through this fantastical space.

The vibe great outline of ‘About Last Night’ was imagined between Mabel’s West London home, Angelic studios in Oxford, and some of Los Angeles’ most rousing imaginative spaces (counting the previous peak home of Frank Sinatra). From the get-go simultaneously, Mabel started to gather an aggregate of inventively adjusted teammates including companions and continuous songwriting accomplices Raye, MNEK, Kamille and Jax Jones.

Dazzled by his work with youth legend Robyn on ‘Effect’, Mabel additionally collaborated with new faces like SG Lewis, prior to finishing the venture between lockdowns in the US with colleagues from pop’s top table like Stargate (Rihanna, Katy Perry). Mabel previously prodded what she had been chipping away at with first single ‘Let Them Know – an unashamed hymn about sprucing up with no place to go – before ‘Best of Luck’ walked impacts of grievousness and female fortitude directly to the dancefloor.

The more weak last part of ‘About Last Night…’ was saw on ‘Overthinking’, an idealist yet unflinchingly fair depiction of when nightlife meets social uneasiness, and how to track down your direction back to yourself.

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