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After the wake of declaring their cooperation with Nike, French design brand Jacquemus introduced its Fall 2022 assortment “Le Papier,” on June 28. In the weeks paving the way to the send off, organizer and planner Simon Porte Jacquemus prodded things from the assortment on the brand’s Instagram account. Posts displayed Jacquemus’ most memorable Nike tennis shoes and a swoosh supporter belt, the two of which were highlighted on the show.

The area of a Jacquemus runway is essentially as long awaited as the arrival of the garments, from dazzling lavender fields to rambling enclosures of wheat. This week Fall 2022 – named Le Papier – was introduced from the salt-rock piles of Arles in the south of France. It was the well-suited ‘fresh start’s the fashioner was taking a stab at letting one know journalist from his desired show, “to restart from nothing, similar to a white page”.

“Le Papier”
Set against only the fruitless territory of Arles, “Le Papier” appears to stamp another period for Jacquemus. As its French name proposes — “Le Papier” is deciphered as “The Paper” — Jacquemus moved back from its particular splendid varieties for unbiased and muffled tones. With this shift from virtual entertainment driven promoting through the brand’s variety ranges, Jacquemus shows off itself abilities as in excess of an Instagram-popular brand through the assortment’s attention on the artisanship and dressing itself.

Highlighting both womenswear and menswear, “Le Papier” included everything from small scale dresses to puffer coats. There was a mix of athleisure-enlivened pieces and experienced, wedding things. The show’s opening — two models taking part in an arranged hug — supplements the last option, reasonable mirroring the fashioner’s own commitment.

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