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Demna: Balenciaga 51ST Couture Collection

Starring Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa and Nicole Kidman.

Balenciaga has divulged its 51st couture assortment, highlighting an elegant cast including Demna’s most recent dream Kim Kardashian, close by Dua Lipa, entertainer Nicole Kidman and runway veteran and supermodel Naomi Campbell. Introducing a variety of puzzling articles of clothing planned in the extravagance’s brand name smooth style, the 51st couture assortment grandstands plastic catsuits matched with gloves close by radiant dark red outfits embellished with sharp vampiric collars.

Welcome again to the dystopian thrills of the Demna fashion multiverse.

It was his introduction to his second couture assortment for the house, which he shows yearly. “This year I concluded that I expected to place a greater amount of myself into it, and sort of view it as another future, you know?” he said thereafter. “To this end the setup began with supernatural, practically advanced neoprene looks, which was what I would consider deciphering gazar in 2022.” Invention, and taking time over it, is vital to pushing the craft of couture ahead. Broadly, gazar was the sculptural silk which Cristobal Balenciaga concocted with the texture producer Abrahams in 1958, to make the brilliantly voluminous outfits he became known for. Demna’s same — formed into these underhandedly fetishistic hyper-shaped second-skin scuba dresses and customized coats — was designed with another sort of neoprene, made as a team with a Japanese producer utilizing, he noticed, a “limestone” method “which is more feasible.”

Take a look at Balenciaga’s 51st Couture collection in the gallery above.

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