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In Conversation With Rhythm & Dance Queen Alice The G00N

What inspired you to write and compose your latest single “Go”? 

I worked with the wrong people. I didn’t know it going in, but the clarity landed on me fairly quickly. I was doing my best to survive, at the time. It was a combination of zero choices, and struggling to tolerate self-serving people with myopic views. There were a few experiences that made me feel like everything was wrong… but at a particular point, I remember thinking “either I have to go, or they do.”

Thankfully, I’ve moved beyond those frustrations. I literally had to look over my old lyric books to recall the situations that led to that threshold-switch going off in my brain. In itself, that’s a testament to the power of moving on: you wash your hands of it and keep it moving. Sometimes just being *done* is a giant step towards healing.

Tell us more about your beginnings with music. How did it all start?

I got decanted out of a vat. Training began almost immediately, and there wasn’t much of a curriculum for love & affection. As a smol child, I would write and sing songs to express myself. I was never much of a conversationalist—but music came easily to me. Like shooting a bow from horseback, some things are just in your code.

We’ve noticed that you create a fusion of several moods and genres in your music. What inspired you to take this approach?

Crushing genres together until fusion happens—that’s simply my self-expression in its purest form. I’m remaining true to how I write my music, and now I produce it that way. And while we all know that structuring categories helps us find the music we want to hear, genres of music are *still* artificial constructs. They’re vertical-silos that we use to define a sound. Different genres are recorded and treated differently; everything ends up parceled-out and compartmentalized. When you try to create within a box, you learn the “rules” of that particular box, and whatever doesn’t “fit” gets tossed… and that line of thinking kills my vibe. It’s two-dimensional, and the lack of depth doesn’t sit well with me. Sure, every now and then I enjoy collaboration with an artist where we work inside those rules. But when you look at The Greats, they’re always at a crossroads or a nexus between times (eras) and space (genres). That’s where the deepest creativity is born. Breaking the rules, warping the continuum. When I’m creating for myself, that’s simply where I live.

Are you more of a recording artist, a performer, or both?

Performer. Adapting music for the stage/performance is its own art, and for me that’s always been easier than adopting the ways of the recording artist, though I love both aspects of the work.

If you had to choose your favorite song of yours, which would it be and why?

Who Do You Love” will likely remain my favorite released song for a while, as it was (and still represents) a catalyst for my career. I have a few unreleased favorites but I dare not spoil the surprise. Everything in due time.

Any upcoming plans you’d like to share with our readers?

I’m releasing my next song “Forever” on July 29th. I’m truly my most vulnerable self within this song, and I’m excited to set it free.

Thank You!

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