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Rising Musician RB Keys Creates Soothing Vibes With New Single Titled “Wine It Slow”

Prominent prospect RB Keys releases his latest single “Wine It Slow” that’s filled with positive lyrics and energetic melodies that makes any listener want to dance. Featured by the talented Sandoson who comes in with his smooth vocals that balances out the amazingly jolly track. A mellow rock track that lifts up the listener while reminding them of nostalgic memories with its soothing melodies and single-note piano plays.

An up-beat track that lifts up the listener while putting a smile on their faces with its soothing melodies and catchy piano plays. RB Keys puts his signature spin on the funky track and roars lovey verses that echo throughout the whole track. “Wine It Slow” is the perfect celebratory song for any occasion because of its joyful tunes and happy lyrics that’s executed by the amazing RB Keys.

“Wine It Slow” by RB Keys is now out and available for purchasing and streaming across all platforms!

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