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Riotron & Iconic DJ-Producer Paul Oakenfold Launch A New Remix Of “Life Is What We’re Living”

Canadian Electro-pop act Riotron, the alter ego of Jeff Fettes, is back with a banging release remixed by iconic DJ-producer Paul Oakenfold, “Life Is What We’re Living.” This drop follows-up to the same song’s previous remix by Mahalo released a month ago with a music video that has attracted over 6 Million viewers in just a few weeks. 

The visual in itself is a work of art, with Tyler Posey of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ series, and 80s icon Lea Thompson of ‘Back To The Future’ fame starring as the main actors, and with Alissa Torvinen directing the project. 

The man behind “Silent Night,” “I’m Sorry” and “Dark Highway,” has been having one of the greatest debuts ever, with tens of millions of views in just a year. He is now planning on expanding his influence on electronic music with an unmatchable collaboration with the one and only Paul Oakenfold, who many consider to be one of the pioneers of electronic music.  

Ritron has recently shared that he was an early Oakenfold fan, saying “Paul Oakenfold is the reason I got interested in dance music. In fact, he’s one of the reasons everyone is interested in it. Listening to his early music inspired me to mix genres and in the process elevate the core song into something more original. I was honored that he even listened to my song, let alone remixed it.”

Knowing Oakenfold’s busy schedule, this special collaboration is one more proof of Riotron’s unstoppable rise, and a thrilling track to dance to throughout the summer season 2022!

Riotron – Instagram | Paul Oakenfold – Instagram

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