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Laye released a new single “I Could Die”

Here’s the new copy: Montreal-born singer/songwriter laye first floated onto the scene and released four tracks in 2018. laye’s film noir inspiration, ode to old school 70s horror movies, and gothic-inspired collages perfectly complement her sultry, alt-flavored pop, and guided her 2019 debut album lonesome.

“I Could Die” is the first single back after a three-year hiatus that coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic and some intense personal reflection. The new track showcases laye’s penchant for mixing sultry, playful vocals, gentle melodies, and signature dark lyrics. Co-written with Taylor Wilzbach (Kilara, Monsta X) and Jake Davis (Charlie Puth, Loud Luxury, Galantis, James TW, Sam Feldt), laye dives deep in the darkness of her psyche, turning out a beautiful pop jam.

Click here to grab more info on laye, photos + socials: http://auteurresearch.com/artists/laye/

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