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Justin Bieber has released a new single, Honest, featuring rapper Don Toliver.

Global superstar Justin Bieber surprised fans this week with his lighthearted teaser “I Feel funny” directed and hosted by Lyrical Lemonade founder and tastemaking director Cole Bennett. Now, Justin and Cole serve up the main event with the video for Honest the new single from Bieber featuring Don Toliver.

As the video for “Honest” begins, Bieber is seen in a bright coral-colored ski mask, with only his eyes and mouth visible. Viewers follow as Bieber then pops up in what appears to be a ski lodge as snow falls outside the window and the singer is dressed in all-white winter gear.

Throughout the video, Bieber and Toliver are seen weaving through snow-covered woods while riding snowmobiles. The duo then end up face to face with a third character in the video and involved in a dramatic shoot-out.

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