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Alabama sensation Mooski returns with a playful new single called “Scuba Diving.” It finds the 24-year-old in a distinctly sensual mood as he praises a lover over rumbling drums and melodic beats.

After looking inward on contemplative tracks like “Soul Bleed,” the breakthrough artist lets loose on “Scuba Diving.” On the instantly hummable anthem, Mooski counts down the minutes until he can see his girl again. ”She says do you miss me or not, she say do you miss me or what,” he sings. “Girl, you know I miss you a lot.” Mooski wears his heart on his sleeve.

The song’s tone is reflected by the video, which finds the MC crooning in a white room, with fluorescent lights alternating between blue and pink. This footage is juxtaposed with a couple of dancers doing their thing. Mooski’s willingness to be open about personal experience has captivated a massive and growing audience. “I talk about the unspoken,” he says.

About Mooski:

The whole world is buzzing about Mooski thanks to the popularity of his runaway smash single “Track Star.” The versatile 23-year-old has been riding a wave of success since releasing the track last June, but his journey has been anything but easy. Born Darien Hinton, Mooski was raised in a religious household in Opp, Alabama, where he grew up listening to and performing faith-based music. The second oldest of four kids, Mooski and his mother and sisters were often part of the praise and worship services at their church and it wasn’t uncommon to find family members singing around the home. Despite their faithful foundation, Mooski’s childhood was marred by both parents’ struggles with poor health, and arguments between his mom and dad often revolved around the financial toll taken due to frequent ambulance calls to their home. Determined to start earning income to help with bills and buy his own clothes, Mooski began working part time jobs when he was only 15, building a strong work ethic that would serve him well when he joined the Marine Corps at just 18-years-old. “I talk about the unspoken,” Mooski says. “When people listen to my music they’re going to be like, ‘Mooski was in my head.’ It’s going to be personal to them. I know how depression works. I didn’t grieve my father’s death until two years later. I’m going to talk about things I was thinking and things I was going through, stuff I didn’t want to talk about. I’m going to put it in the music because I know these are things everybody is going through.”

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