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Exclusive Interview With Talented House Music Artist From Sweden

Rising artist NoVone shares an intuitive single “Feelings” that is bound to become a hit. His other exceptionally beautiful songs include “Exit”, “Burn It”, and “Above It All”. With a strong resemblance to DubVision and Martin Garrix, NoVone comes up with exciting and uplifting music that has an original vibe to it. His work is themed around emotions and even through raw aggression NoVone arrives at a positive result.

Tell us a bit about your journey into the world of music. What spurred the interest?

I think hearing Axwell’s remix of In the Air was the first song that made me fall in love with House music. After listening to that I dived deep into the scene and found out about all of our talented Swedish producers and DJ’s. This made it feel so close, since most of them were just teens who tried out making beats on their computers at home. I definitely wanted to be a part of this. So I started making beats myself and tried to do everything they did. This became like an addiction to me. I’m loving every minute of it still.

When did you realize you have a talent for house music production?

Ever since I started listening to this type of music I’ve always felt so many emotions about it. I think that helped me a lot in my creative process. I can never complete a track if it doesn’t bring butterflies in my stomach. This made me realize I probably have some type of talent or whatever you want to call it, because I can develop and work on my theory in music production but my feelings are something I can’t change or force. This helps me push my tracks and productions in the right direction for me!

Who are your favorite artists in the scene? Is there a dream collab you’d like to happen?

I love my fellow Swedish producers and DJ’s. So Swedish House Mafia, Alesso and of course Avicii… Also a huge fan of Martin Garrix and I think DubVision are great producers as well. I think a collab between Alesso and NoVone would be crazy. Alesso is a master of bringing fat beats and bassline to the clubs. This is a dream collab for me.

Let’s talk about “Seen Enough”, one of your latest tracks. What’s the inspiration behind it?

I wanted to create something that reminded me of the earlier tracks of Axwell. I think you can hear the similarities in the piano. Still I wanted the track to be very energetic and uplifting so I tried to create a bit more future house vibe to the drop. Something that sounds almost like a Syn Cole remix. I think it turned out great!

Is your fan base mostly located in Europe or America? 

According to my stats it’s almost a perfect 50/50 share. My fan base is slightly bigger in Europe but it’s definitely growing fast in America 

Describe your music in three words only.

Powerful, uplifting, and exciting!

Who supports you most in your career?

My Mom is a huge supporter haha, she helps me a lot!

Are there any exciting releases coming up?

I’ve got 4 scheduled releases coming up before summer! Make sure to follow me and listen to the tracks when it’s out!

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