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Re-discover “Wild World” With Justin S. Grant

One of the most creative artists of our time, Justin S. Grant delights audiences once again with a cover of 1970’s “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. With a sweet and soulful voice, Justin Grant takes the song in a different direction, showing his artistry and a unique level of emotion. The bittersweet goodbye fills the listener’s heart with joy as the almost blues-like melody reminds us of similar pearls by Elton John and Steve Wonder. 

The song is accompanied by a lovely music video directed by ZANE Productions. It depicts the artist on a lonely beach and as the swelling waves crash upon the shore, he gifts the audience a gentle smile that says everything. The clip is done in beautiful, muted pastel colors that speak to the overall tone of the song, thus, allowing for an immersive experience through both sound and visuals.

Officially launching his career in 2021, Justin S. Grant dropped “Don’t Go”, an ecstatic single that has garnered a huge amount of attention thanks to fantastic music production and video. He then followed up with a cover of “Let It Be” and then several more singles with hundreds of thousands of views. 

Currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Justin Grant is not only an artist but also an author, entrepreneur, and a speaker. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, he set out to journey the world and deepened his knowledge of music, among other things. A one of a kind artist, an extraordinary human being, Justin S. Grant is making huge steps towards greatness and we are all for it!

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