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  Labirinth & Zendaya give us a stunning performance in “I’m Tired.”

Following the explosive Season 2 finale of HBO’s “Euphoria,” composer Labrinth and star Zendaya have released the full version of “I’m Tired.”

The two came together after the episode aired to create a collaborative version, which played during the end credits of the finale.

In an interview with Variety, Labrinth discussed the process of writing the track with Zendaya and making a cameo in the show.

“She was like, ‘Check out this scene, this is what we’re talking about.’ Then I [sang], ‘Hey lord, you know I’m tired.’ And then she was like, ‘Oh shit!’ And we just started writing the song,” he said. “It was all of that impulsive inspiration, you know? And then being in the scene, I was like, ‘I haven’t performed for a while and I’ve not been on American TV before or been an actor before -oh shit, what do I do?’ I [was] like, just be in the moment. And I know what Rue’s character is going through, so I was like, ‘Zone in and let go of your own issues.’”

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