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Pop Cultr Talks To Rising Hip Hop Artist Jay La Osay About His New Track “Real Spill”

Reflecting his multiple talents, vivid creativity, and undeniable charisma, “Real Spill” is Jay La Osay’s latest creation, an original Hip-Hop act transcending all boundaries and offering visionary innovations to the genre. We had the opportunity to interview him about his new song, career highlights and much more.

Hi there! We enjoyed listening to your music and we’d love to ask you some questions about it. “Real Spill”, tell us about your most recent song. What message did you wish to convey?

Real Spill is a song about money, love, and lust. I wanted to display admiration for hustling and being fly, as well as longing for a relationship that couldn’t be kept.

You’ve been in the game for a while. What’s one thing that you’ve learned along the way that you’ll always remember?

Trust your instincts, never second guess yourself, and build relationships.

What was your first big break?

The release of my Ball Hard Never Fall project. I put a lot of work and creative effort into it. I accumulated more buzz and the feedback was inspiring.

Let’s talk about your love of hip hop. Who are your favorite artists and how do they inspire your creative process?

I have a large list of favorites from Jay Z to Dmx, J cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Fabolous. I like how they all stayed true to themselves artistry wise. That’s what inspires me and my creative process, just being myself and knowing that’s just enough.

In your opinion, what is the highest purpose of music?

To evoke an emotion. To get people to really “feel” what you’re saying. To inspire.
Can you tell us about how you became interested in music as a profession?

Was there an event that sparked the interest?

I always loved music as a child. I was a big fan of Cash Money and that’s honestly probably where it all started.

What interests or activities do you enjoy most on a regular day?

Making music, reading, writing, and exercise. I’m always trying to get better at something and improve myself.

Who supports you most in your career and how?
My family and genuine supporters. They support my shows, share my music, and encourage me every chance they get.

Talk about how it feels to be doing what you love every day.

It feels great. It feels therapeutic. It’s the reason why I write.

What are you most excited for next?

New music, performing, and what the feedback will be. I have more music in the vault and I’m just taking my time, making sure I do things correctly.

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