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Discover J’Moris Through His New LP Moris Better: Loveless Confessions

American hip hop artist J’Moris drops a brand-new LP called Moris Better: Loveless Confessions that is filled with honesty and boldness. J’Moris instills his music with raw emotions, at the same time remaining unattached. He raps beautifully about the ordinary relationship dynamics and life in general but it feels like a conversation with a friend.

J’Moris has previously released popular singles like “Activated”, “Not For Everyone” and “Blac Love” with tens of thousands of streams. Like a suave, street-wise prodigy of Master P and Gucci Mane, Hillsboro, Texas Rapper J’Moris’s style is all realness, dripping with heavyweight swagger and southern grit. His sophomore album paves the way for more ingenious creations.

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