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Exclusive Interview With JaMicheal Who Just Dropped The Uplifting & Soulful Single “Beautiful Day”

American singer-songwriter JaMicheal announces “Beautiful Day”, an incredibly positive and uplifting song that instantly brings a smile to the face. With numerous awards and achievements under his belt, JaMicheal is determined to rise to the very top with his raw and authentic music. JaMicheal is a rising star and a protégé of the famous producer Jackie Jackson, member of the Jackson 5, and his son Dealz. We had the chance to interview him about his new single and more!

​​JaMicheal, at such a young age you are already a professional artist! Can you tell us about yourself and how everything started?

Well, I’ve always loved music. Everything about it moved me, literally. I graduated early from high school at 16 with honors. Class of 2021. I wasn’t allowed to pursue my music career until I was done with school. So when I was done I hopped right on it. But I started this journey when I was 13.

Let’s talk about your role models. Which artists do you admire most and why?

My mom, she pushes me to be the best that I can be. She is my very own Joseph Jackson. That’s what they call her. Josephine. I wouldn’t be where I am today without God and her. Michael Jackson is Definitely an inspiration. I admire the message he sent to the world. I feel like there was so much more he would have done but didn’t get a chance to. I want to complete that mission.  I also love and admire Janet Jackson. The fact that she is still in the game after almost 5 decades blows my mind. She’s amazing! I just love the Jackson’s. All of them and I am honored to have them with me and helping me through this process. I love them. I really do.

Describe your music using three words! 

Groovy. Soulful. Healing.

Tell us a bit about your debut release “Sincere Thoughts”. What inspired its concept and how did you come up with the title?

The title is pretty much self explanatory. When writing this I was sincerely thinking about a girl that I  had a crush on at that time and that is what inspired me to write Sincere Thoughts.

We’ve heard there is a debut album in the making. Is that so? What can you tell us about it?

Yes. My single album Sincerely JaMicheal will be out March 14. It’s going to feature my debut single Sincere Thoughts and a re-release of my song  Beautiful Day with music composed by Disarray Davis. This album will be the first time I’ve recorded a song with Shirley. My guitar. It will be a raw cut on the album. No mastering. Nothing. Just unfiltered me. 

You’re not only a singer-songwriter but also a dancer and an actor. How do you manage to keep things balanced in life? 

I manage it just like any other teenager. I have rules. I have boundaries. I have no school so there is nothing else to focus on but my craft. But I still have time to be a normal teenager, which is important. So in my spare time I play my PS5.

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