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Travis Scott, From Rap To Sneakers.

An American rapper known all around the world.

Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster, is an American rapper, producer and musician born in Houston in 1992. From his teenage years, he began to engage in music by creating beats, then releasing various rap projects. In 2013, his album Owl Pharoah was released, the first in a long line of success. From his beginnings, the rapper was noticed for his particular dress style. He is known for mixing streetwear with high fashion pieces.

Travis Scott, a collector turned designer.

Above all, Travis Scott is a die-hard sneaker fan. He has an exceptional collection and does not hesitate to wear ultra rare models during public appearances. As his notoriety grows, he is becoming more and more present in the fashion world. He made numerous appearances in fashion shows such as Louis Vuitton or Dior. Little by little, the rapper becomes a real trend leader. His attraction to fashion quickly brought him to the other side, that of designers. The first stylist to see his potential is none other than Helmut Lang, who gives him the opportunity to collaborate on two models. Travis Scott’s career as a designer is launched, it will not end there and many models will follow.

The collaboration: Nike X Travis Scott

What could be nicer for a sneaker fan turned designer than to collaborate with Jordan? This consecration comes in 2017 for the rapper with the creation of the Travis Scott X Jordan Turner LX “Cactus Jack”. Although created only for friends and family, this pair made quite a splash. That same year, Nike offered various artists the opportunity to create their pair of Nike Air Force 1s to mark the model’s 35th anniversary. While artists like Don C and Errolson Hugh created their own pair, it was Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh that caught the eye. Building on this success, Travis Scott perseveres and signs his first pair alone with the Travis Scott X Air Jordan 4, several colors will be released later. Today, Travis Scott is recognized worldwide not only for his music but also as a fashion designer. He has designed many models that have met with massive success with the general public, and continues to collaborate with Nike on new projects.

Air Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott 460,00€
Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott – Fossil 630,00€
Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott 1.800,00€
SB Dunk Low Travis Scott 2.000,00€
Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Travis Scott Fragment 1.210,00€
Air Max 270 React ENG Travis 520,00€
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