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Jennifer Lopez: “Marry Me”

There’s nothing more nostalgic than a Jennifer Lopez movie involving weddings, and the next film on the list is Universal Pictures’ Marry Me. J.Lo.

In the Marry Me movie, Lopez plays a superstar multi-hyphenate named Kat Valdez who seemingly has everything: glory, fame and a Grammy winner for a partner. However, everything crumbles down when the jilted bride-to-be discovers her superstar fiance Bastian (played by Maluma) has been unfaithful with her assistant. 

Heartbroken, she enters her concert and cooks up a last-minute plan of her own where she elopes with a random fan in the crowd at her show holding the sign, “Marry Me.” That fan so happens to be a single, girl dad Charlie (Owen Wilson) who’s been dragged to that same concert by his daughter and friend (Sarah Silverman). She pleads, “You haven’t had any fun since mom left.”

The song will be released On Valentine’s Day 2022.

Please enjoy the trailer and the soundtrack.

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