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G-EAZY & His Retro Style

When it comes to getting a retro look, G-Eazy is the guy who outcompetes almost everyone. His style is simple, elegant, and impactful. 

You may not know this but wearing and carrying G-Eazy’s style is an art

His style’s uniqueness comes from the careful mix of retro looks with some modern trends that appear on the rapping stage. Since hitting it in 2014, his style hasn’t changed much. G-Eazy’s hairstyle is a classic slicked-back look inspired by retro icons like Marlon Brando or James Dean. The same goes for his basic clothing. His love of black boots and leather remind of Johnny Cash and young Presley’s rebel look. 

In his first modeling campaign, he had the privilege to work with Anja Rubik, the world-famous fashion style icon. 

Enjoy his music and some of his looks.

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