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Seekay & Chloe Reveal “Trixie,” A Highly Anticipated New Track

Chloe, a British singer-songwriter, and Seekay, an Australian songwriter-producer, have collaborated on a new track called “Trixie,” which features Chloe’s stunning vocals over a minimal sonic texture that creates the perfect electronica-pop backdrop for a captivating listening experience. The EP Reflections, a record that soared their popularity worldwide with over 1M streams, is the pair’s follow-up to their prior body of work. The duo’s creative approach to generating art is overpowered by their love for music and lyrics. They hold the ability to touch the audience, which they did well with the EP Reflections and now with the hauntingly beautiful single “Trixie.”

Chloe was raised in South London, where she was exposed to a variety of cultures and music. She is inspired by all of the music she listens to, as well as the people and places she visits. R&B, funk, pop, and soul music were always played by her parents. She listened to everything from classical music to 90s pop, hip hop, and grunge as a kid.

“Seekay was fantastic to work with,” Chloe says of her partnership with Seekay. “I immediately sensed that we shared a similar vision and were on the same page. Even though we did a lot of work online, the music allowed us to feel connected. He encouraged me to be more experimental with my singing and ideas, which made me feel more at ease.” When she initially heard the music back from Seekay, it was one of her most memorable moments from their partnership. She had no expectations going into the project and was ecstatic with what she and Seekay had produced.

This duo is quickly becoming one of the main creative forces to be reckoned with in electronica-pop, challenging all established styles and offering a simply unique perspective on life, relationships, and human psychology through their art, with Chloe’s unique vocal gift and Seekay’s powerful poetry and ethereal music composition.

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