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2021’s Top 10 Rising Artists

#1 Tate McRae

The Canadian singer-songwriter has millions of followers and fans. In her 18 years she has managed to do something others don’t throughout their whole lives – do something that is dear to her heart and make quite a profitable business out of it. “I write songs because they are all the things I never got to say,” the artist explains. Her songs “you broke me first” and “that way” especially have been very popular with different audiences. 

#2 Glenn Foreman

Glenn Foreman is a Dutch singer-songwriter with strong British roots always present in his music. His two releases so far are “She” and “Sailing”, both energetic, reminiscent of the 90’s style but with a much more tasteful twist. The young artist does a spectacular job in both tracks, showcasing his talent, enthusiasm and charisma in a familiar yet original way and all the fans swoon over the show Glenn can put on. Everyone is eagerly waiting for his next release.

#3 Amaarae 

Amaarae is a Ghanaian-American singer, songwriter, producer and mix engineer who has already conquered millions of fans with her masterful art. Her debut EP Passionfruit Summers with six tracks came out in 2017 and since then she has consistently proven her creativity, innovation, and talent through each new release. One of the latest songs by Amaarae is “Sad Gurlz Luv Money”, a vibrant, lush pop and r&b style track with hundreds of thousands of views. 

#4 Mayia Cohen

Mayia Cohen, an incredibly talented young singer just dropped her debut single “Temporary”. Her stunning vocals are of course doing the heavy lifting but the background beats and intriguing tune also add to the song enriching it. Sophisticated and charismatic, Mayia’s fuses pop, r&b, jazz, seemingly influenced by such huge figures in the world of music as Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse. “Temporary” is the lead track of her upcoming album of eight songs and we can’t wait to hear it! 

The multi-talented artist plays the drums, the piano, electric guitar, and the saxophone, starting at a very young age. Bringing creative authenticity from her world to ours, Mayia Cohen is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new faces whose music is timeless.

#5 L’Rain 

Here is how Angel Fraden from Teen Vogue describes L’Rain: “ It is a beautiful mess of confounding songs, sound collages spliced together as a tapestry of grief, loss, and the brilliant moments of joy in between. Songwriter and frontwoman Taja Cheek references R&B as frequently as she touches on post-punk and avant-garde rock, incorporating each seamlessly enough to inspire an ambitious new hybrid genre. But rather than creating new ways to categorize its sound, L’Rain rejects labels and revels in the freedom this unconventional music provides.” 

Truly a beautiful mess, L’Rain creates incredible diverse music mixing genres and even centuries of music one could never imagine mixed. 

#6 Cassandra Jenkins 

The New york-based singer has an angelic voice which she uses to come up with amazing ambient compositions like “Ambiguous Norway”. With two full albums under the belt and hundreds of thousands of fans, Cassandra Jenkins knows what to do to make people fall in love with her art and it works! Emotional, melodic and dreamlike, her songs have the beautiful luxury of minimalism and simplicity, accompanied by guitar strings and occasional background beats.

#7 Mariah the Scientist 

A beautiful and talented artist for sure, Mariah has collaborated with such notable artists like Lil Baby and Young Thug on her latest songs. Mariah’s voice has huge capacities that she most certainly takes advantage of, especially in “Beetlejuice”. 2 You and RY RY WORLD are Mariah the Scientist’s latest albums which have received an enormous amount of compliments and positive feedback. The r&b, folk and soul singer is based in Atlanta, US. Her debut album Master came out in 2019 and since then Mariah has hugely expanded her fanbase.

#8 black midi

An English rock band of four, black midi came together in 2017. Its members Geordie Greep, Cameron Picton and Morgan Simpson have been incredibly productive, releasing song after song. A young collective, their music has been described as experimental and progressive rock. Cavalcade and Cruising are their latest releases of this year. Black midi have definitely come a long way since their debut album of 2018 “bmbmbm”. 

#9 Ebhoni

This stunning musician has several albums that have won her hundreds of thousands of fans. Ebhoni is a Canadian model and singer of Antiguan and Jamaican descent. Her debut EP Mood Ring came out when she was only 17. Modeling for Adidas and Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty line does not keep her away from music. Her covers of Beyonce and Keyshia Cole on YouTube have been wildly popular.

Making authentic music with interesting ethnic twists, Ebhoni is on her way to greatness.  

# 10 Let’s Eat Grandma 

The British pop duo formed back in 2013 by Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth with a group name no one else could come up with. Their music has been growing in popularity as they create eclectic, dreamy songs with a touch of techno. Their albums include I’m All Ears and I, Gemini of 2016. 

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