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Top Celebrity Fashion Moments at Wimbledon 2024

Glastonbury is over for another year, and now all eyes are on Wimbledon, where the fashion shifts from festival casual to elegant summer tailoring. Expect less Barbour jackets, slogan tees, and short shorts, and more polished heels and refined outfits. While fans might miss the Princess of Wales, who has stepped back from public engagements to focus on her health, Wimbledon is already showcasing impressive spectator style.

David Beckham kicked off the event on Monday in a custom Boss suit, exemplifying the sophisticated style expected at Wimbledon. Maria Sharapova, the former world number one, attended the first day in a chic Burberry outfit, adding a touch of luxury to the event.

On Tuesday, Grace Jones made a striking appearance in the stands, wearing a flying helmet and aviator shades, with a strawberry in one hand and a plastic wine glass in the other, highlighting her unique style.

Wednesday featured TV star Kim Cattrall, known for her role in Sex and the City. She arrived at the All England Club in a stylish pink suit and shades, while her former co-stars were busy filming for the new season of And Just Like That. Cattrall’s outfit was a blend of sophistication and contemporary fashion, perfectly fitting the Wimbledon setting.

Wimbledon continues to deliver on fashion, with celebrities bringing their A-game in terms of style. From tailored suits to high-end designer pieces, the spectator looks are as much a part of the event as the tennis matches. The absence of the Princess of Wales is notable, but the fashionable audience keeps the style stakes high.

Wimbledon is not just about tennis; it’s also a showcase of summer fashion. The tournament’s rich history and prestigious reputation attract a stylish crowd, and this year is no exception. As the matches continue, look out for more celebrity fashion moments, proving once again that Wimbledon is a major event on both the sports and style calendars.

See this year’s best-dressed celebrity tennis fans and their outfits below.

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