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Gigi Hadid Wears Custom Balmain to Close Vogue World 2024 in Paris

Gigi Hadid recently took another turn around the Place Vendôme to conclude Vogue World 2024 in Paris. For this prestigious event, Balmain was the chosen designer to outfit her for the grand finale. Balmain‘s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, drew inspiration from his French heritage to design a standout dress. “The first element you’ll notice is the expansive blue skirt,” he shared. “I chose this specific shade to echo the blue found in the French flag. This vibrant blue is integral to our brand’s identity. Next, you’ll see the golden bustier. Its design is reminiscent of the Marianne de France, symbolizing strength from the French Revolution, while the gold not only signifies durability but also the timeless allure of our beloved Paris.”

This year’s Vogue World was a tribute to the last century of fashion, engaging with France’s popular sports. Hadid initially appeared on the runway in the equestrian segment, dressed in Hermès. For her final appearance, she switched to a majestic gown. This choice was particularly meaningful. “Balmain was one of the initial Paris shows Gigi walked back in 2014 or 2015, marking a significant moment returning here,” Rousteing reflected. “It’s been remarkable to see her career flourish, her enduring commitment to fashion. Gigi is undeniably a supermodel of our time, akin to an athlete, yet she’s also become a modern icon in the fashion sphere. The gown I designed for her is truly fit for a goddess.”

For Rousteing, his design transcends a mere reflection of the past; it points towards the future. “I’m immensely proud to represent a new vision of French identity at Vogue World—a vision that honors my mixed heritage,” he explained. Born and raised in Bordeaux, France, yet with roots in Ethiopia and Somalia, Rousteing feels a deep connection to both his French and African lineage, making this showcase at Vogue World profoundly significant for him.

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