Exclusive: LA Laura Paris Talks About "Mon Papa" and Its Deep Personal Significance
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Exclusive: LA Laura Paris Talks About “Mon Papa” and Its Deep Personal Significance

Join us for an exclusive interview with LA Laura Paris, the multifaceted french pop artist whose latest release, “Mon Papa,” reveals a deeply personal side of her musical journey. Known for her high-energy performances and infectious beats, LA Laura Paris opens up about the intimate and emotional process behind her poignant tribute to her late father. In this conversation, she shares insights into her artistic evolution, the influences that shape her sound, and how “Mon Papa” marks a significant departure from her previous work, showcasing her ability to blend raw emotion with melodic sophistication. Dive into the heart and soul of an artist who continues to push boundaries and connect with audiences on a profound level.

Martha Jones: The music video for ‘Mon Papa’ is beautifully intimate, filmed at the iconic Archiduc in Brussels. How did you choose this venue, and what significance does it hold for you?

LA Laura Paris: I chose this venue because my Dad used to tell me that I should perform a concert at l’Archiduc. Back in his younger days, he spent a considerable amount of time there, and many big artists like Lady Gaga, Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, and Jacques Brel played in this venue. After he passed away, I went there randomly and started playing the piano. ‘Mon Papa’ song wasn’t finished yet, but I just knew it was the perfect place to film the music video and, of course, to hold a concert in his tribute. It felt like he was there with me.

Martha Jones: Your piano performance in the video is captivating. How did you prepare for such an emotionally charged scene, and did anything unexpected happen during filming?

LA Laura Paris: Thank you. It was quite an experience! The music video went really well, especially at night during the live concert performance of the song. Tears started flowing down my cheeks, and it was definitely challenging to sing while feeling so emotional. Since he passed away, I’ve encountered many unexpected signs too, such as lights flickering randomly or a black and white butterfly staying on my plane’s window even as the plane moved swiftly. It’s often when I least expect it that I realize he’s always with me.

Martha Jones: The music video maintains a minimalist approach, focusing solely on you and your piano. What was the reasoning behind this choice, and how do you feel it enhances the song’s message?

LA Laura Paris: Yes, because my dad was a minimalist. As an architect, he loved simplicity. He always told me, ‘less is more.’ By the way, my dad always wore black and white suits. His wardrobe resembled that of a superhero, just black and white. Even in younger pictures of him, I never saw my dad in jeans or sneakers, haha. And as tribute to him, in the music video, I’m wearing his white shirt.

Martha Jones: ‘Mon Papa’ is beautifully sung in French. What led you to choose French as the language for this emotional tribute, and how does singing in your native language impact your connection to the song?

LA Laura Paris: Growing up and writing songs, I had a blockage when it came to composing in French; it was always more natural for me to write in English. When I moved to Los Angeles, I realized that French was actually my strength; it’s what makes me different. So, I started adding a couple of sentences here and there in my songs. But ‘Mon Papa’ is different because it’s my first full song in French. I couldn’t have approached it differently because my dad didn’t understand English; he always said he loved my songs but couldn’t understand them. So, this song was meant to be for him in French.

Exclusive: LA Laura Paris Talks About "Mon Papa" and Its Deep Personal Significance
La Laura Paris

Martha Jones: Being from France, how does your cultural heritage influence your music and artistic identity?

LA Laura Paris: Definitely, fashion, aesthetics, and elegance play a significant role in it. Growing up, the French singer-composer Michel Polnareff inspired me a lot with his beautiful melodies on the piano. Additionally, French Touch / electronic music in Paris has influenced my pop-electro style tremendously. Meeting and seeing the shows of all those great producers was incredibly inspiring for my musical development.

Martha Jones: Where did your artist name come from?

LA Laura Paris: When I was a teenager, I was searching for an artist name, and suddenly I looked at my mother, and both of us said ‘LA’ at the same time. ‘LA’ because of the first two letters of my name and because I dreamed of living in Los Angeles. Then, in Europe, people started to call me LA. Later, when I arrived in Los Angeles, I added ‘Laura Paris’ because, to me, ‘LA’ and ‘Laura Paris’ tell a story, they go with each other. It’s about me being between the two cities that inspired me to become who I am.

Martha Jones: What was your favourite song to work on?

LA Laura Paris: This is a tough question! Honestly, I can’t choose. It’s like asking a parent to pick their favourite child, and I love all my ‘babies’ equally, haha. Each song has its own unique story based on my life experiences, from ‘Kissing Boys’ to ‘Game Over‘ to ‘Mon Papa.’ I cherish them all.

Martha Jones: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

LA Laura Paris: I have three styles of music that reflect three types of emotions. My Pop Electro side embodies ‘LA’: it’s fun, party-oriented, sexy, and empowering. The pop rock side represents ‘Paris’: rebellious with a revolutionary attitude. And the pop acoustic ballads reflect ‘Laura’: more vulnerable, emotional, and telling heartbreaking love stories.

Martha Jones: What has been your greatest musical achievement?

LA Laura Paris: My single ‘Mon Papa’ hitting number 1 on the top iTunes French Pop charts and 75 on the Top 100 iTunes Charts in the US on Father’s Day surprised me a lot. It felt like a beautiful gift to my father. As I say in French in my song, ‘Tu seras fière de moi, tu verras, quand je brillerai là-haut avec toi’ which means ‘You will be proud of me, you will see, when I shine up there with you’.

Martha Jones: As we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to share with your listeners or any upcoming projects or performances they should be on the lookout for?

LA Laura Paris: Yes, very soon I’ll be planning my next single and music video called ‘Bad Boys’. Get ready, because it’s going to be super hot!

Thank you for joining us in this intimate conversation with LA Laura Paris. We’ve journeyed through the heartfelt creation of “Mon Papa,” gaining insight into the emotions and experiences that shaped this touching tribute. As she continues to evolve and share her artistic vision, we eagerly anticipate her upcoming single, “Bad Boys,” which promises to bring a fiery new dimension to her music. Stay tuned to LA Laura Paris’s journey, and get ready for more electrifying and deeply resonant tunes. Until next time, keep vibing and let the music lead the way!

Listen to “Mon Papa” here:

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