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Bridgerton Prank War! Luke Newton Gets Revenge on Nicola Coughlan

The world of Regency romance on Netflix‘s Bridgerton is filled with blossoming love stories and extravagant balls. But behind the scenes, the cast seems to have a different kind of spark – a playful one fueled by funny pranks!

Luke Newton, who portrays the charming Colin Bridgerton, recently took to Instagram to showcase his comedic side. In a hilarious video, he waits hidden beneath a vanity table in a makeup trailer, ready to surprise his unsuspecting co-star, Nicola Coughlan, who plays the witty Penelope Featherington. As Coughlan walks in, completely unaware of the ambush, Newton jumps out with a yell, sending her fleeing in a shriek of terror.

This playful exchange wasn’t just a random act – it seems Newton and Coughlan are locked in a lighthearted prank war. Newton’s caption on the post hints at this ongoing battle, reading “Payback!” followed by a peace sign emoji and a countdown to the second half of Bridgerton season 3, premiering on Netflix in just 10 days. The caption also includes a sweet touch – photos of Newton and Coughlan together in character, hinting at a potential development for their beloved “Polin” ship (a term fans use for couples they want to see together).

Coughlan, never one to be outdone, joined in the excitement by sharing her own Instagram post. Filled with behind-the-scenes photos, her caption playfully echoes Newton’s countdown: “10 days till part two but who’s counting?” she asks, tagging the Bridgerton official account.

This playful exchange on social media highlights the genuine camaraderie between Newton and Coughlan. Their on-screen chemistry as Colin and Penelope translates beautifully off-screen, adding another layer of enjoyment for fans who eagerly await the continuation of their characters’ love story.

Speaking of their storyline, season 3 explores further the complex relationship between Colin and Penelope. While trying to help Penelope find a suitable husband, Colin starts to develop feelings for her himself. As their romance blossoms, Penelope faces a unique challenge – keeping her secret identity as the gossip columnist Lady Whistledown hidden from him and the rest of society.

Coughlan, known for her openness and humor, has spoken frankly about the challenges and rewards of portraying Penelope in season 3. While embracing nudity in intimate scenes with Newton, she admits that filming them was surprisingly more nerve-wracking than facing his pranks!

In a previous interview with ET, Coughlan described the awkwardness of acting in romantic scenes with a close friend like Newton, especially after initially joking about the possibility way back in season 1. However, she assures fans that the show delivers the passionate moments they’ve been waiting for, hinting that the bond between Penelope and Colin transcends friendship.

With the second half of season 3 just around the corner, fans can expect to see the resolution of Penelope’s secret identity struggle, the blossoming romance between her and Colin, and perhaps, a continuation of the lighthearted pranks between Newton and Coughlan that add a touch of playful energy to the Bridgerton world.

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