Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
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Tennis Legends Federer and Nadal Collaborate in Louis Vuitton Core Values Campaign

Louis Vuitton is bringing back its Core Values campaign, featuring tennis legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. In this special collaboration, the campaign captures the two champions in a rare off-the-court moment, climbing to the summit of Italy’s Dolomites mountain range. This imagery perfectly aligns with the campaign’s tagline: “There are Journeys that turn into Legends.”

The campaign, photographed by the renowned Annie Leibovitz, showcases 42-year-old Federer and 37-year-old Nadal standing at an impressive height of 3,000 meters. In the photos, Federer is seen with a Monogram Christopher backpack, while Nadal sports the Monogram Eclipse version. The stunning visuals highlight the enduring legacies of these tennis icons, emphasizing the values of excellence, respect, and timeless style that both athletes embody.

This collaboration is a significant moment for both sports and fashion, celebrating the influence and impact of Federer and Nadal. Louis Vuitton’s decision to feature these two champions underscores their remarkable careers and the shared values they represent. The campaign serves as a tribute to their achievements and their unwavering commitment to their craft, resonating with fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

In the latest Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer appear not as competitors but as companions on a journey up a mountain. This serves as a visual metaphor for their careers, which have been “marked by deep mutual respect and friendship,” according to the luxury brand.

Nadal expressed his pride in being part of the campaign, especially sharing it with Federer. “I know how many important icons have been part of this campaign, so for me personally, being part of it is something that I am very proud of, especially sharing it with Roger,” Nadal said in a release. “He has been my biggest rival and now a close friend today.”

Federer echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the uniqueness of the opportunity. “It’s a unique opportunity to be working on this campaign with Rafa,” Federer said. “How we could be such rivals and then at the end of our careers be beside each other doing this campaign has been very cool. And where we are here today, I think it also embodies everything: at the peak of the mountains. For us it is something meaningful and special.”

Louis Vuitton first introduced the Core Values campaign in 2007, featuring a star-studded lineup that includes Angelina Jolie, Bono, Sean Connery, Steffi Graf, Keith Richards, Muhammad Ali, Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Sally Ride, Buzz Aldrin, and more. The luxury fashion house designs each Core Values campaign and every Louis Vuitton piece to reflect three core principles: a journey beyond the physical, a dedication to excellence, and the transmission of dreams.

With Federer and Nadal now joining this esteemed list, Louis Vuitton continues to honor these values through the stories and achievements of remarkable individuals. The campaign celebrates not only the success but also the journeys and dreams that shape these iconic figures, emphasizing Louis Vuitton’s commitment to timeless elegance and visionary creativity.

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