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Pharrell Williams Unveils Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Collection Inspired by Poseidon

Pharrell Williams, known for his style and creative vision, first hinted at a collaboration with Tiffany & Co. during his debut Louis Vuitton show in June. The custom sunglasses he sported on that occasion hinted at what was to come, serving as an evolution of the Tiffany spectacles he debuted at NIGO’s inaugural KENZO show the year prior. With whispers of the partnership stirring excitement, Williams teased, “You know Tiffany and I are engaged. It’s the first of many things I’m going to do with Tiffany.” Now, the long-anticipated collaboration has come to fruition with the unveiling of a 19-piece jewelry collection titled “Tiffany Titan.”

Inspired by the sea and its majestic ruler Poseidon, the collection is deeply rooted in Williams’ personal experiences, with the name “Titan” drawing from his hometown of Virginia Beach, also known as Atlantis. Williams explained, “The detail in all of the jewelry pieces is very intentional, the use of black titanium…it’s a physical manifestation of beauty in blackness.”

The collection features necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings adorned with spiked edges reminiscent of Poseidon’s fabled trident. The standout piece is a necklace priced at $55,000 USD, crafted from 18k yellow gold with pavé diamonds, evoking the shape of a spear. Other notable pieces include a clasp necklace priced at $39,000 USD and a link bracelet priced at $26,000 USD, both featuring identical jewels. The collection also includes a $16,500 USD five-row ring, along with titanium earrings and pendants adding a dark contrast to the ensemble.

Collaborating closely with Tiffany & Co.’s in-house design team, Williams expressed admiration for their craftsmanship, stating, “It’s exciting to see this come to fruition.” The “Tiffany Titan” collection is now available for purchase on the brand’s webstore, with prices ranging from $3,400 USD to $55,000 USD, offering enthusiasts a chance to explore and acquire these unique pieces.

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