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Rihanna States She has Potential Hit Material for Her New Album

Rihanna recently provided an update on her highly anticipated new album during a launch party for her FENTY x PUMA Creeper Phatty Earth Tone shoe line in London. While discussing her new collection, fashion sense, and motherhood with Entertainment Tonight, the Bajan singer hinted at what’s to come musically.

Acknowledging her sons RZA and Riot’s favorite song, ‘Wheels On The Bus,’ Rihanna addressed whether her children would feature on any of her new tracks. “I mean, it’s up to them,” she remarked. “I already got stuff I feel like I could make hits out of. Me and [partner, A$AP] Rocky are really trying to figure out who’s going to use what because it’s so good.”

Reflecting on her creative process, Rihanna shared a unique insight: “It’s weird. My brain is working backwards right now. I usually have the music first, and the music leads me into all of these visual opportunities, and now I’m having all of these visuals, and I don’t have the songs for them yet, but maybe that’s the key, this time. Maybe the visual ideas are leading me to the songs that I need to make.”

When questioned about the project’s nature as a “rebirth,” Rihanna teased, “Random ideas, quirky ideas, things that have nothing to do with me at all. I mean, I can’t tell you. The opps is watching.”

While Rihanna confirmed that she still “doesn’t have the songs just yet” to match her visual concepts, she playfully deflected further inquiries about her upcoming music, stating, “I can’t tell you [anymore]. That’s like me snitching on my record.”

Since her last full-length album, “Anti,” released in 2016, fans have eagerly anticipated her follow-up, affectionately dubbed ‘R9.’ Rihanna has teased the project since 2018, but despite various hints, the album’s release remains elusive. However, in December, she hinted at new music and a potential world tour, emphasizing her desire to reward fans’ patience with fresh material.

A$AP Rocky added fuel to the speculation in February, confirming that Rihanna is still actively “working on” her ninth album, keeping fans eagerly awaiting her next musical chapter.

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