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Sabrina Carpenter Brews Up Confidence in “Espresso” Single

Sabrina Carpenter‘s latest track, “Espresso,” sets a fiery tone, promising to keep listeners wide awake with its addictive beats and Carpenter’s own sizzling charisma. Unlike Ariana Grande’s coffee consumption to fuel love sessions in “34+35,” Carpenter boldly claims she is the coffee itself, exuding a potent allure that can captivate any admirer into sleepless anticipation. Despite stiff competition from new releases by Future and Metro Boomin, “Espresso” quickly soared to the second spot on the Genius Top Songs chart.

Co-written with Amy Allen, Steph Jones, and producer Julian Bunetta, the disco-pop anthem was crafted during a burst of self-assurance for Carpenter, inspired by a moment of confidence while in France. In an Apple Music interview, Carpenter revealed the song’s genesis, likening her surge of self-confidence to a caffeine rush, a sensation she’s no stranger to due to her existing caffeine addiction.

The track kicks off with Carpenter likening herself to both invigorating java and the versatile Nintendo Switch, setting the tone for her self-assured anthem. Throughout the song, Carpenter boasts of her ability to effortlessly captivate attention and drive admirers wild. She playfully references other caffeinated beverages like Mountain Dew and employs seasonal metaphors like honeybees gathering pollen to further illustrate her irresistible allure.

Accompanied by a vibrant beach video that sees Carpenter engaging in playful mischief, from stealing a wallet to commandeering a motorboat, “Espresso” is a celebration of confidence and allure. However, as the video concludes with Carpenter in police custody, it serves as a reminder that even the most captivating antics have their consequences.

In summary, “Espresso” showcases Carpenter’s confidence and charisma, delivering a catchy tune with a playful edge that’s sure to leave listeners buzzing with excitement.

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