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Beyoncé Unveils Surprise Remix of ‘Cowboy Carter’ Single ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’

Beyoncé pleasantly surprised fans today (April 4) with a fresh remix of her track ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ from the ‘Cowboy Carter’ album. The remix injects vibrant New Orleans bounce production, introducing a new verse, additional vocals, and punchier electronic beats and samples.

The revamped rendition features an invigorating breakdown where Beyoncé rallies her audience, calling out to all her cowboys to hit the dance floor with an energetic directive: “Get to the dancefloor!”

The newly added verse dives into themes of urgency and escapism, with lyrics expressing a desire for release and revelry. In the outro, Beyoncé’s vocals resonate with a blend of swagger and allure, inviting listeners to embrace the moment and let loose.

The remix, titled ‘Texas Hold ‘Em (Pony Up) Remix’, offers a dynamic twist to the original track. Stream the single below.

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