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Olivia Rodrigo Updates Fan Hotline with Snippet of Unreleased Song “Obsessed”

Olivia Rodrigo has made a significant alteration to her fan hotline, introducing a snippet of her forthcoming track ‘Obsessed’. This development has stirred excitement among her dedicated fanbase, known for their anticipation of her musical releases.

The Sour Heartbreak Hotline, initiated in 2021 following the release of Rodrigo’s acclaimed debut album ‘SOUR’, has served as a platform for fans to access exclusive previews of her music. Notably, it provided a glimpse of the lead single from her upcoming album ‘GUTS’, titled ‘Vampire’.

This week, fans were quick to notice the addition of a snippet from ‘Obsessed’ on the hotline. The snippet features Rodrigo showcasing her vocal range, harmonizing with herself and delivering emotive lines before building up to an intense crescendo.

Originally released as a hidden track on limited editions of the ‘GUTS’ vinyl, ‘Obsessed’ has already garnered attention as part of Rodrigo’s current setlist for her ‘GUTS’ tour. The song delves into themes of fixation and desire, with Rodrigo’s raw vocals capturing the essence of becoming captivated with a partner’s past.

Despite the buzz surrounding ‘Obsessed’, there’s no confirmed release date announced for the single’s availability on digital streaming platforms.

Rodrigo’s ‘GUTS’ tour has also made headlines for a recent controversy surrounding the distribution of free contraception during her Missouri concert. This move sparked backlash from conservative figures, including Missouri state senator Bill Eigel, who expressed disapproval.

The distribution of contraceptive kits, which included emergency contraceptives and information on abortion care, was halted after Rodrigo’s team reportedly expressed concerns about the presence of children at her concerts. While the Missouri Abortion Fund clarified that it was their decision to distribute emergency contraceptives, Rodrigo’s team has yet to issue a public statement on the matter.

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