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Usher Understands Justin Bieber’s Decision to Decline the Super Bowl Offer

Usher shared insights into why Justin Bieber opted not to join him for the Super Bowl 2024 Halftime Show. Usher, who played a 13-minute medley with various artists, acknowledged Bieber’s decision, stating he understood the need for Bieber to tell a different story at this point in his career.

Despite being instrumental in Bieber’s early career and having a brief conversation about the Super Bowl collaboration, Usher explained that there’s no animosity and they plan to work together in the future. He mentioned the pressure of the Super Bowl and highlighted that he had approached several artists for guest spots.

Usher confidently predicted that Bieber will perform at the Super Bowl eventually, citing Bieber’s deserving career. Following the event, Bieber praised Usher on social media, appreciating his singing and dancing abilities.

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