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15 New and Rising Artists Shaping the Future of Music in 2024

In 2024, a variety of artists are poised to make a significant impact across various genres, spanning from gritty rap to emotive indie-pop and soul. Discover 15 rising talents, including Lucy Tun, E.P. Onenonly, Lady London, and Latin Mafia, who are set to capture audiences worldwide.

Each of these artists has their own compelling journey to success. Some have been winning over crowds on tour alongside renowned acts, steadily building their fanbase. Others are gearing up to release highly-anticipated debut albums that showcase the promise hinted at by their early singles. And for some, years of persistent effort are finally paying off as they break through to wider recognition. Whatever your musical preferences are, you’ll find a new favorite to cheer on in 2024. 

1. ovrkast.

ovrkast. swiftly transitioned from being an underground favorite to a force impossible to overlook. In 2022, he showed his MC skills on “redveil’s learn 2 swim” and left his mark on projects like “MAVI’s Let the Sun Talk” and Drake’s “For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition.” Known primarily as a producer, ovrkast. plans to shift the spotlight to his rapping mastery in 2024, aiming to solidify his status as a top-tier MC-beatmaker combo.

2. Love Spells

18-year-old Houston artist Love Spells emerged in 2023 with the dreamy indie rock/pop track “Come Over And Love Me.” Its immediate familiarity resonated with listeners, tapping into a bittersweet nostalgia akin to a timeless favorite. With a handful of releases since his breakthrough single, Love Spells wants deliver more frequently in 2024, teasing something special on the horizon.

3. E.P. Onenonly

E.P. Onenonly has had a lot of exciting things going on around him and we are excited to share it with you. EP Onenonly made us a fan with tracks like “Coo Whip,” “Say Less,” and “LMK.” His seductive bars, beat selection, and hypnotic flows make it easy to root for him and his rap career. He keeps his foot on the gas when it comes to putting out music. E.P. Onenonly is a generational talent that you don’t see every day and deserves attention throughout the year, so be sure to check him out.

4. Wasia Project

In 2024, the enchanting voices of Wasia Project, a British-Asian sibling duo consisting of Olivia Hardy and Will Gao, steal the spotlight. You might recognize Will, one half of the duo, from the queer coming-of-age series Heartstopper; their track “ur so pretty” features in season 2. Anticipation mounts for their debut album, especially now that filming for season 3 of Heartstopper has concluded.

5. Towa Bird

Towa Bird kickstarted her career via TikTok and YouTube, riffing funky tunes like Supertramp‘s “Breakfast In America” and Tame Impala‘s “The Less I Know the Better.” With live covers of Blur and guitar skills reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, Bird’s musical roots are evident. However, her solo work is a unique blend. Tracks like “Drain Me!” and the upcoming “B.I.L.L.S.” promise energetic moshing vibes, as showcased in her EP, “Live from Terminal 5,” recorded during Reneé Rapp‘s Snow Hard Feelings Tour.

6. TisaKorean

In 2023, TisaKorean, a Houston sensation, reached a turning point. Opening for Don Toliver‘s Love Sick tour and featuring on Don’s album marked milestones. His own release, “Let Me Update My Status,” gained traction. Notably, Kendrick Lamar sported Tisa’s “silly hoe” hoodie, and viral gas station dance videos became a norm. His infectious energy shines on Instagram, where he dances in oversized tees, often alongside his partner Mighty Bay. Moments like the “FOOLIE DEE” release exemplify Tisa’s mantra: keep it fun and carefree. As he champions a playful ethos, TisaKorean emerges as the soundtrack for a spirited, ADHD generation, spreading joy with each step.

7. Lady London

Lady London made waves last year with collaborations with Ciara and Lola Brooke on the “Da Girls” remix. Her “Pop Ya Shit” freestyle gained traction, earning praise from Nas and Big Daddy Kane. Lady London’s debut album, S.O.U.L (Signs of Universal Love), dropped in November, showing her storytelling expertise. Partnering with CÎROC for their Honey Melon vodka release further solidified her influence. With her distinctive flow and tone, Lady London remains a trendsetter.

8. Asha Imuno

Asha Imuno‘s music unfolds as an abstract stream of consciousness, weaving self-inspired narratives and vibrant visuals that resonate long after the music fades. Tradition takes a backseat to experimentation, merging retro soul with futuristic raps in a disorienting yet familiar landscape. His momentum in 2023, fueled by a mixtape and singles, solidified his reputation for introspection and risk-taking. With his debut album set to release on March 1, 2024, Asha Imuno’s breakout year is on the horizon.

9. Brazy

Listening to a Brazy track feels like stepping into a lively club bathroom surrounded by close friends. The London-based Nigerian artist describes her genre as “afro-sexy-afro-future,” reflecting its vibrant essence. Brazy effortlessly blends bars in English, Yoruba, French, and Mandarin with hypnotic beats, showcased in tracks like her trap-influenced debut “Siren” and the richly layered “Attends.” As summer approaches, Brazy’s infectious beats are bound to set the tone for the season ahead.

10. Thuy

Thuy is leaving a lasting imprint on the R&B scene. Her tracks “girls like me don’t cry” and “universe” made waves on TikTok, catching the attention of celebrities like Kylie Jenner. In 2023, she supported Ella Mai on the “Heart On My Sleeve” tour and headlined her own “Girls Like Me Don’t Cry” tour across the U.S., Europe, and the UK. Thuy embodies feminine strength as an independent artist commanding attention worldwide. Blending old-school R&B vibes with modern flair, her music lingers in your mind.

11. Chy Cartier

In the rap game, few artists command attention like north London’s Chy Cartier. With her razor-sharp wordplay and undeniable passion, she’s making waves. DJ Target premiered her latest single, “Bossed Up,” on Radio 1Xtra, earning nods from heavyweights like Stormzy, Little Simz, and Central Cee. The track mirrors her affirmations and ambitions, serving as a celebration of her journey and the success she’s attained. As 2024 unfolds, Chy Cartier’s trajectory seems unstoppable, hinting at even greater achievements to come.

12. Latin Mafia

Latin Mafia emerges as a powerhouse, selling out arenas across Mexico sans album or label. The indie pop trio, led by producer Mike de la Rosa alongside twin brothers Milton and Emilio, crafts a diverse sound. From dream pop in “Más Humano” to R&B-infused hip-hop in “No Digas Nada” and reggaeton anthem “Julioteta,” their versatility shines. Despite the eclectic mix, Milton and Emilio’s soulful vocals provide cohesion. March sees them on a global stage at Coachella, Lollapalooza Argentina, Chile, Colombia’s Estéreo Picnic, and Mexico’s Tecate Pa’l Norte, with a debut album slated for later release.

13. BigXthaPlug

BigXthaPlug is carving his own path with a raw, resonant style reminiscent of Swishahouse’s Mike Jones. In 2023, the rapper took control of the Lone Star state with his debut album, Amar, making waves with hits like “Mmhmm” landing on the Billboard Hot 100. Collaborating with Offset on “Climate” also left its mark, reaching No. 48 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

14. Lucy Tun

For an infusion of fresh, genuinely exciting pop sounds, meet Lucy Tun, formerly known as LCYTN. This British Burmese talent wears many hats: pop singer, producer, and DJ. Her music boasts infectious dance floor beats, tackling themes from smoking to ADHD with a candid yet catchy approach. In tracks like “Kulture Klub,” she sings with sugar-sweet tones over pared-back pop instrumentals, reflecting on the complexities of life. Beyond her music, Lucy Tun’s killer style adds to her allure, making her a standout artist to watch in the pop scene.

15. Nourished by Time

Nourished By Time‘s debut album, “Erotic Priobiotic 2,” was born in his parents’ basement, blending funk grooves with synths and percussion. Through nine tracks, including standout single “The Fields,” he explores existential themes with deep, soulful croons. Collaborating with Dry Cleaning, featuring on Yaeji‘s “With A Hammer,” and remixing tracks for “Water From Your Eyes,” Nourished By Time’s future is ripe with possibilities.

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