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Lenny Kravitz Hasn’t Felt “Celebrated” By Black Media

In response to a recent Esquire interview where Lenny Kravitz expressed feeling overlooked by Black media organizations, the rock legend took to his Instagram Story to elaborate on his sentiments. Kravitz clarified that his comments were specifically directed at Black award shows, emphasizing his desire for continued acknowledgment of rock music in those spaces.

Setting the record straight, the Grammy winner stated, “My Black musical heritage means a lot to me, and I owe my success to my supporters who have taken this journey with me over the span of my career.” He clarified that his remarks were not about “Black media” or the “Black community” but rather focused on Black award shows, expressing concern about ensuring recognition for black artists in what is now labeled “non-traditional” Black music.

Kravitz stressed the significance of retaining the heritage of rock and roll, a genre integral to Black music history. He acknowledged the contributions of platforms like BET while hoping to shed light on the issue. He concluded his statement with a message of “love and peace.”

The artist gained widespread attention last week for his Esquire interview where he revealed his absence from the covers of Vibe magazine and invitations to BET and Source Awards events. Kravitz highlighted his role in reintroducing Black art forms and breaking down barriers, emphasizing the positive impact of his career as an example for Black artists.

While expressing frustration, Kravitz made it clear that he is not seeking accolades but values the experience. The Esquire article also delved into his experiences of feeling underestimated by white critics in the ’90s and the challenges he faced in claiming his position in the rock genre.

Looking ahead, Lenny Kravitz is set to release his 12th studio album, “Blue Electric Light,” on March 15, marking his return after more than five years. The lead single, “TK421,” was unveiled in October, accompanied by an NSFW music video showcasing Kravitz’s signature infectious rock vibe.

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