Celebrating Two Decades of Excellence: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School's PULSE Magazine
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Celebrating Two Decades of Excellence: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s PULSE Magazine

This summer of 2023, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School‘s esteemed publication, PULSE, celebrates a remarkable milestone—twenty years of capturing the pulse of medical innovation, education, and community service.

Flipping through the latest issue, one can’t help but be drawn into the rich tapestry of stories that span two dynamic decades. The cover of the Summer 2023 issue itself is a vibrant collage, emblazoned with the number ’20’—each digit a mosaic of past covers and memorable moments. It’s a visual feast that represents the essence of PULSE: diverse, impactful, and woven into the fabric of the medical community.

Over the years, PULSE has been more than just a magazine. It’s been a chronicler of change, a platform for showcasing groundbreaking research, and a voice for the brilliant minds shaping the future of medicine. From uncovering the layers of medical mysteries to showcasing the human side of healthcare, each page resonates with the passion and dedication of the individuals at the forefront of their fields.

In this special anniversary edition, we’re taken on a journey that highlights the transformative work being done in the realm of medical science and healthcare delivery. Whether it’s the advancements in blood-based surgery or the life-saving innovations in stem cell research, PULSE has brought these complex subjects into clear view, making them accessible and engaging.

The commitment to excellence is also reflected in the faces featured on the cover—each one representing a chapter in the school’s storied legacy. There’s a sense of pride in how far they’ve come and anticipation for the road ahead. It’s a tribute to the educators, students, and healthcare professionals who have been part of this illustrious journey.

As a blogger with a keen interest in the intersection of healthcare and storytelling, I’m inspired to delve into these pages, uncover the narratives, and share them with you. From the pioneering spirit of Rutgers’ scholars to the personal stories of resilience and hope, there’s a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to be discovered.

Join me as I explore the milestones celebrated within this anniversary issue, reflect on the progress made, and look forward to the innovations that will continue to shape the world of medicine. Here’s to twenty years of PULSE, and to the many more years of discovery and growth to come.

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

The latest issue of a medical magazine spotlights the transformative work of Dr. Boris Paskhover and Dr. James Liu, featuring their pioneering facial reconstructive surgeries. One touching highlight is the story of Sunny Jorge, whose excruciating facial nerve pain was alleviated through Dr. Liu’s innovative intervention, exemplifying the profound impact and dedication of these skilled surgeons.

One of the articles discusses obesity as a major public health issue and outlines the multifaceted approach that includes bariatric surgery, lifestyle modification, and medication as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Dr. Ragui Sadek and his team at a medical center emphasize that while bariatric procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y bypass are effective tools for weight loss, they must be accompanied by long-term changes in diet and lifestyle to prevent regaining the weight. The center focuses on integrating different medical and surgical methods to address obesity sustainably.

It highlights a teleophthalmology program that uses a mobile clinic equipped with a robot called “Dr. IC” to screen for vision-threatening diseases, including age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy, in underserved communities. It has significantly increased follow-up appointment attendance from one percent to 95 percent. Additionally, the article touches on a student-involved program called SSOP, which focuses on screening, prevention, and education about type 1 diabetes and its complications in children, along with its expansion into cardiovascular genetics research related to cardiomyopathy.

In this issue you can study the work of New Jersey Medical School’s Operations team, highlighting their resourcefulness and efficiency in maintaining the school’s facilities and supporting its mission. Michael Petit, the COO, praises the team’s ability to do more with less and emphasizes the importance of not squandering resources. The article also discusses the technological assistance provided by the team, including audio-visual support for lectures and presentations, and notes the upcoming launch of a space called ‘The Treek’, which aims to engage the community with NJMS events. The article concludes with a call to recognize the team’s efforts and a reminder of the importance of using resources wisely.

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